Supporting therapeutic & spiritual
experiences with ibogaine

Ceiba’s mission is to support individuals and clinicians to approach the iboga and ibogaine experience in a way that becomes a new, stronger foundation.

We offer a number of aftercare services and educational programs designed to support this mission. This includes Journey Recovery, a virtual intensive outpatient program, as well as other online resources specifically designed for people taking iboga or ibogaine for addiction recovery or other psychospiritual reasons.

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Virtual preparation and aftercare for
Ibogaine Treatment

Life After Ibogaine

Free weekly ibogaine-informed
SMART recovery meetings

Recovery-oriented breathwork:
Private and group sessions

“This program helped me to synthesize some incredibly useful concepts and tools from different schools of thought. The experience was both enriching and engaging, and unexpectedly fun. I would, have and will heartily recommend it for anyone going or gone through treatment, this is an invaluable asset for recovery.”


“Jonathan helped me go back through many aspects of therapy I had previously missed or not realized. There were many things I took away the most important being a refined set off tools to deal with addiction and cravings. I would recommend this IOP or sessions with Jonathan before treatment, during and especially afterwards.”


Designed to equip mental health and medical professionals to provide preparation and post-treatment therapeutic support for individuals undergoing ibogaine.

Bwiti: School of Life

This series provides a unique and wide-ranging introduction to some of the most prominent branches of the Bwiti tradition, as well as to a number of important nema (initiators).

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