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Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asia. Its leaves have a history of use in traditional medicine, particularly for the treatment of pain. While it is not an opiate, kratom acts as an agonist on several opioid receptors, providing pain relief and other benefits.

People who are planning to detox with ibogaine but are taking long-acting opioid maintenance medications like methadone or suboxone are frequently instructed to switch to a short acting opioid for periods often ranging from four to six weeks or longer. Some people have found their only option is to switch to short-acting prescription opioid medications, or illegal sources. Kratom provides an alternative that is legal in most places, thereby avoiding destabilizing life-style changes after maintenance treatments.

The Stable Prep Kratom Kit is designed to accommodate a week of regular use (every 4 hours). It comes equipped with morning, afternoon and evening blends to help manage daytime energy and sleep, as well as with extracts designed to boost effectiveness in avoiding discomfort.

For more information about how to use this product, and whether this is right for your, please call +1 (888) 848-7972 or schedule an orientation call.




This is a weekly kit. Please check with your ibogaine treatment center for information on how many weeks you need to prepare prior to treatment.


Rec: $60/week

Arrange for one-on-one coaching during treatment preparation, especially if your treatment provider does not have experience working with this kit specifically.



The high-dose vitamin C protocol (sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate only) and other tools for managing withdrawal are very useful to reduce any additional discomfort.


Due to legal restrictions we cannot ship to countries outside of the US and Canada. Within the United States we are restricted from shipping to San Diego, CA; Sarasota County, Florida; Jerseyville, Illonois; or to Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Vermont.

Please note that mitragynine, the primary bioactive compound in kratom, can produce similar cardiac effects as ibogaine, and that ibogaine should not be used immediately following kratom use. In most cases stabilizing off of kratom should take place for at least four days prior to ibogaine detox and additional cardiac screening should be conducted as needed. Please discuss this additional stabilization period with your treatment provider.

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