Life After Ibogaine

Online SMART Recovery Meetings

During the next few weeks, while many people are staying home or avoiding in-person gatherings, we will be having weekly meeting rather than the usual twice monthly schedule. This includes extra meetings on March 18, April 1, and potentially others. Meetings will continue to be announced through the email list (subscribe below).

Life After Ibogaine is a twice monthly group meeting for discussions about specific experience that are relevant after ibogaine. The meeting is a facilitated discussion based on the SMART Recovery format. We discuss tools and strategies for moving towards wholeness and fulfillment in all areas of life including health, relationships, and spirituality. They are free to attend and are held on the Zoom meeting platform, which is accessible by any computer or phone.

There are a number of support groups with different approaches that are listed in our ibogaine aftercare guide, including both online and in-person meetings. We highly encourage people to explore what works best for them. This meeting is meant to be an alternative or adjunct group meeting with a more specific focus to ibogaine treatment.

This meeting is registered as SMART Recovery meeting #5038. Verification of attendance can be provided upon request. For more information and to access the SMART Recovery Toolbox visit www.smartrecovery.org.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at
5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST


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