These is a curated selection of products that are used to support detoxification or general well-being, particularly in and around ibogaine treatment.

Recovery, and any kind of healing, happens on many levels. One of the most important of these is within the physical body. Strengthening and nourishing the body; effectively treating pain, withdrawal, and anxiety; and facilitating sleep, are all things that can make otherwise very difficult transitions much more manageable.

These products are selected or designed with a focus on their holistic effects. They are intended to help reduce reliance on habit forming medications, and to achieve significant benefits while reducing the mental, physical and emotional costs that some experience with conventional pharmaceuticals.

A number of these products are considered experimental, however they may be backed by varying degrees of research and anecdotal evidence. As is the nature with holistic approaches to health, some of these products may only be effective when used in the proper way, or while balancing other aspects of your lifestyle or diet. They should be considered as one part of a balanced long-term recovery plan, one that does not necessarily need to include ibogaine

If you are interested in learning more about whether any of these products might be useful for you and how best to integrate their use into your recovery plan, please schedule a complimentary consultation call.

As with any supplement, if you are taking medications or have a medical condition please consult your doctor or alternative health care provider before using any of these products.

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