Below is a small but growing list of any ongoing research projects and questionnaires regarding ibogaine or other things that are similar or related to services on this site.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


Ibogaine Experience Scale (IES)
A questionnaire in development in partnership with ICEERS to assess the acute subjective effects of ibogaine. Please complete within 24-hours after the acute effects subside.
Approximately: 20 minutes to complete

Exploring the Oneirogenic Experience in Ibogaine Therapy
[not yet enrolling]
This is a mixed-method observational study that seeks to explore the nature of the oneirogenic experience stimulated by ibogaine, and to make an exploratory assessment of some factors that influence this experience.
Approximately: 6-8 hours total, over a 6 week period

Herbal Assist Questionnaire
A brief follow-up questionnaire for people who have taken Herbal Assist.
Approximately: 5 minutes to complete

Articles & Publications

Krengel, F., Dickinson, J., Jenks, C., Reyes-Chilpa, R. (2020). Quantitative Evaluation of a Mexican and a Ghanaian Tabernaemontana Species as Alternatives to Voacanga africana for the Production of Antiaddictive Ibogan Type Alkaloids. Chemistry and Biodiversity. https://doi.org/10.1002/cbdv.202000002

Krengel, F., Chevalier, Q., Dickinson, J., Herrera-Santoyo, J., Olivera-Flores, T., Reyes-Chilpa, R. (2019). Metabolite Profiling of Antiaddictive Alkaloids from Four Mexican Tabernaemontana Species and the Entheogenic African Shrub Tabernanthe iboga (Apocynaceae). Chemistry and Biodiversity, 16(4):e18005. https://doi.org/10.1002/cbdv.201800506

Dickinson, J. (2016). Iboga Root: Dynamics of Iboga’s African Origins and Modern Medical Use. HerbalGram: The Journal of the American Botanical Council. Retrieved from https://www.herbalgram.org/resources/herbalgram/issues/109/table-of-contents/hg109-feat-iboga/

Dickinson, J., McAlpin, J., Wilkins, C., Fitzsimmons, C., Paterson, T., Greene, D., Chaves, B.R. (2015). Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification. The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance. Retrieved from https://www.ibogainealliance.org/guidelines


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