Ibogaine Therapy Retreat


Yolitia is a dedicated therapeutic space that also houses several greenhouses and small herbal medicine farming projects. There are cabins throughout the property where we will have both shared and private accommodations available, as well as a spatious central meeting place surrounded by nature where we will do our sessions.

We will draw from psychoanalytic and transpersonal traditions of psychotherapy in order to create a space that supports the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of the experience. This will include aspects of ritual, breathwork, meditation, therapeutic use of sound and music, scents, and other tools that can be useful in navigating the experience.

We also have on-site medical support in order to make the environment as secure as possible without interrupting the serenity of the experience and the beautiful natural environment that will host us. This includes the same pre-screening protocols as an ibogaine detox program, as well as medical staff on-site for the duration of the retreat.

Ibogaine Therapy Retreat

Supporting & Sustaining Recovery

This retreat is not equipped to assist with a detox, and we require at least 2 months of abstinence from all opioids, stimulants, psychiatric medications, and certain others. If you require detox services, schedule an orientation call and we can make a referral to other appropriate services.

During an ibogaine detox there is a focus on the physical effects of ibogaine and its ability to manage withdrawals and cravings. Taking significant boosters in the doses that we’ll be working with in this retreat will also help to reconnect to those same physical benefits that can help support and sustain recovery. Beyond this, the environment and the intention of the retreat will be to more deeply explore the psychospiritual and transformational potential of ibogaine.

If you have a previous relationship with ibogaine then you may understand on a physical level what benefits you might find from exploring the experience. For some of you, your intention might be to anchor the changes that you have already made and strengthen your foundation. For others it might be that you find yourself at another crossroads, or for other reasons understand that there are other depths to reach in your self-growth.

It is also possible that you have never experienced ibogaine before this retreat but found another path to recovery from an addiction. Ibogaine may still be able to help in the same way, especially if you have other tools and other forms of spiritual, community and therapeutic support that you have connected with.

Ibogaine Therapy Retreat

For Family & Friends

For some, the connection between ibogaine and community will be obvious, especially for people who have seen addiction move through their family history. It’s not uncommon for people to report positive changes in their close relationships after they return from treatment. In one observational study of ibogaine treatment researchers found that family relationships was the most improved category across the board.

Traditionally, iboga has a strong relationship with ancestry and lineage and is used in the context of community. Initiates in traditional uses of iboga are often thought to return with gifts or information for family members, and there is an expectation that their healing and growth will have a positive impact on the community, and, even further, on the shared family legacy.

In supporting a loved one through their recovery you may have to come in contact very core aspects of ourselves and how you give and receive love. Being touched by those kinds of depths can lead to powerful transformations in how we understand who we are and how we relate to others. Some family and friends become interested in experiencing ibogaine themselves, not for detox, but to deepen and facilitate the exact same types of changes and healing growth. This isn’t an option that everyone will be open to, but the potential benefits of this will be obvious to some. For that reason, this retreat encourages applications from family members and other interested loved ones.

Ibogaine Therapy Retreat Mexico


During the retreat we will be working with ibogaine hydrochloride in significant doses, enhanced by breathwork and other techniques. The medicine that we work with is 100% sustainably sourced either from verified cultivated sources of Tabernanthe iboga (not currently) or through alternate sources. The quality of this product is pure and consistent.

In order to further support the sustainability of iboga in Gabon, it’s endemic habitat, a donation will be made from the registration cost of each participant to support Blessings of the Forest in their cultural and ecological conservation efforts. For more information about iboga and sustainability, please refer to articles in the resources section.

Ibogaine Therapy Retreat


Again, this retreat is not equipped to assist with a detox, and we require at least 2 months of abstinence from all opioids, stimulants, psychiatric medications, and certain others. If you require detox services, schedule an orientation call and we can make a referral to other appropriate services.

Exceptions to strict abstinence may include cannabis, non-habitual use of alcohol, benzodiazepines or psychedelics. However, we ask that participants refrain from consuming any alcohol for at least a week prior to coming, and recommend refraining from other psychoactive substances including ibogaine boosters for at least a month prior.

Everyone will be required to take a urine drug screen upon arrival. If you test positive for substances at this time no refund will be given for the retreat payment or for the initial deposit. This is a strict safety consideration and no other exceptions will be made.

Ibogaine Therapy Retreat


The cost for the retreat varies slightly based on the type of accommodations that you prefer. We have a limited availability of both private and shared accommodations so spaces will be offered to those who are first prepared to make a deposit. During at least one of the four nights that we spend at the retreat center we will be staying together in the session space. Other accommodations will be used for rest periods and on the other nights.

Shared room: $2,100 USD

Single room: $2,300 USD

After your application is approved, and following the initial consultation we will request a $750 USD deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable unless you give us notice of your cancellation and we have sufficient time to find someone to take over the space you reserved.

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