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Ceiba is a platform for preparation, integration, and aftercare coaching services that support therapeutic and spiritual experiences with iboga and ibogaine. I have over 10 years of experience working with people going through ibogaine experiences in a variety of settings, as well as extensive personal experiences with iboga and ibogaine treatment.

My work is designed to provide a consistent, supportive, and knowledgeable therapeutic relationship for the duration of your existing treatment plan. I help my clients to clarify goals, navigate the profound transformations that ibogaine can bring about, and to create a clear and practical plan for how to approach life afterwards.

Orientation Call 15 minutes Free
  • Start by scheduling a complimentary orientation call.
  • This is appropriate once you have plans for treatment, or you have done enough research to have options to consider.
  • This is an opportunity to connect, to discuss your plans, and how best we could work together.
Coaching Package 8 sessions $480
  • The best results come from planning for the full journey, which is much longer than the time you spend at the clinic.
  • Approach your treatment with realistic expectations and comprehensive plans that include other tools and support.
  • Calls can be organized around your schedule, whether once or twice a week or once or twice a month.
Single Session 1 hour $70
  • Every situation is different and sometimes your questions or plans can be worked through in one or a several sessions.
  • This is appropriate for discussing specific issues or challenges.
  • Consultations are available for family members or other care providers interested in learning more about treatment options.

All rates are listed in US$.

I provide one-on-one coaching services for:

Ibogaine-Assisted Detox

Ibogaine is unparalleled in its capacity to interrupt physical dependency to opioids and other drugs. Even as a short-term detox it is at least as effective as many conventional inpatient programs of 30-days or longer, although many people describe the relief of not struggling through constant cravings as unique to Ibogaine’s post-treatment effects. That said, ibogaine is not a ‘cure’ by any measure. Both my own experience and the published observational research suggests that establishing a support system and accessing other resources after treatment can strongly support your goals.

My work is not based on a philosophy that all people with substance use issues are the same or that there is only one method to working through these issues. I see each person as having a unique set of experiences, goals, and ways of viewing the world. My approach utilizes the principles of harm reduction, working with you where you are, understanding the goals that you define. Once the detox phase is over, there is an opportunity to re-discover passions, develop various practices, and to build a supportive network that sees you as more than a diagnosis or your day count. This process is also about recovering a capacity to be intimate with the world through play, through grief, through joy, and through all kinds of creative expression.

My approach to substance use issues takes into consideration both bio-psycho-social and transpersonal models. I help to educate about the nature of problematic substance use and attachment as a way of understanding our valuable and sensitive connection to the world. I see that ibogaine treatment, if its approached with a clear intention, with preparation, and a defined plan for afterward, brings a great deal more ease and possibility.

Psychospiritual Experiences

Regardless of why you are approaching iboga or Ibogaine, the experience is quite different from any other medicine or spiritual practice. Whether or not you are coming from a place of secure attachment to the modern world, to family, or to your cultural roots, the Ibogaine experience can propel you into new states of mind and new ways of living, which are especially noticeable in the days and weeks that follow treatment. This period of neuroplasticity is valuable in building new habits and a new relationship with your body, your mind, and your surrounding world. Depending on factors like dose and set and setting, we can continue to relate to these effects for years to come, through different challenging and empowering phases.

Outside of some of the content of our discussions, there is little difference in our coaching sessions whether you are or aren’t using substances, because drug use and diagnosis is not my focus. I believe that we are all in a process of learning and growing of one kind or another and that the healing process is not linear. The ibogaine experience reaches deeper than any other particular way I have found to soothe and work through our suffering, touching on our most sensitive attachments to the world whether we have used substances or not.

My approach to psychospiritual transformations is informed by both somatic (body-oriented) and transpersonal approaches. I aim to help people to take a long-term frame of reference to understand their experiences, and to help integrate these new realizations about the complex and animated living world that we inhabit, ancestral traditions, and dreams.

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